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Faculty of CS Department

Lahore Leads University

Dr.Tanvir Ahmed

HOD CS & IT, Professor
Ph.D. (UK) Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK
Email:[email protected]

Lahore Leads University


Asst. Professor    More  

Lahore Leads University

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Associate Professor

Ph.D More  

Lahore Leads University

Dr. Zahid Hussain Zahid

Assistant Professor

Ph.D Computer Science    More  

Lahore Leads University



BS Telecommunication Engineering FAST-NUCES
MSc Mobile and Distributed Networks
Leeds Met University;UK   More  

Welcome to Faculty of Computer Sciences

The Faculty of Computer Science endeavors to produce competent practitioners who can play a productive role in industry, academia and research. The faculty uses modern technologies to enhance the learning capabilities of the students and to provide them with a stimulating and challenging environment. Emphasis is put on the practical applications of engineering and computer science to meet the software and hardware needs of the global industry in general and Pakistani industry in particular. READ MORE  


  • Tremendous growth in 3 years since inception.

  • Department of Law has been established.

  • ICAW, Approved 8 papers exemptions in CA of Leads graduates.

    Read more.


Dr. Munawar Sultana Mirza’s

“Determinants of divergent behavior leading to dropout of public primary school student”.

Mr. Salman Shabbir’s

“Implications of new Trade Theory for Firms Internationalization: A Strategic Trade Policy Framework”..Read more.


A network has been designed for short range communications between the on road vehicles for the prevention of collisions, ensuring safety of the vehicles and assisting drivers. This network between the vehicles is called Vehicular READ MORE  


The complexity of cloud computing creates many issues related to security. The main focus of this research is the data storage security in a cloud environment. Generally, data security is an important factor for both cloud READ MORE  


Video streaming is a process when the video is over and over again receiving while supplier providing the user. The end user always watches the video consistently without any difficulty. When we did video chat with any one without any READ MORE  

Google Go

Different programming languages use automatic memory management and in some programming languages it is the responsibility of programmer to allocate memory. A good language makes the programmer unaware of memory READ MORE